Find and wield the knowledge you need to overcome depression and create a happy, healthy life.

The times we live in are changing us. You may feel like you’re losing a daily battle with stress, frustration, anxiety, or hopelessness, leading to emotional and physical pain. Anger, bitterness, resentment, or even jealousy may leave you depressed and, in the worst-case scenario, experiencing suicidal thoughts.

No matter how bad things are, Amir Siddiqui wants to help you move from your present darkness into the light of health and happiness. From Suicidal to Serene uses lessons designed to help you take control of life rather than just reacting to the people and circumstances surrounding you. From practical modalities, exercises, and resources to the pros and cons of traditional therapy and counseling, you will find knowledge you can apply to your unique situation.

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You’ll Discover…


The way the states of happiness, health, and wealth

Including the impact of genetics—lead to growth toward your best self


How to find the right psychotherapist

Beginning with determining what kind of therapy you need


Anger management skills

Like the power to express yourself assertively instead of aggressively


The role healthy food plays in health and happiness

For instance, feeling better leads to behaving better


Unique calming techniques

You may have never tried before

Healing and living free from depression and destructive emotions might take time, but the journey is worth it. From Suicidal to Serene will guide you on a new path to change your life for the better. Get a copy today and begin your journey into a happy, healthy life.

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The Vital Duo:

Two Super-Simple Practices to Nourish Your Body and Mind