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HOPE and FAITH was difference.

Daniella asked me many good questions, but the question really strike me and made me thinking was “Why weren’t you discourage in your 9 years journey and kept going on??”

My answer was “HOPE.” I had hope that my life gets better actually I believed my life was going to be much better and it eventually did. I never gave up.

Small improvement matters!

Not only we want to be Happy——-Healthy——–wealthy but also, we usually desire OVERNIGHT Transformation, but do you even SMALL CHANGE can make huge impact overtime???

How do you DERATE the Hate?? Well, by focusing on LOVE and as you focus on love thoughts, they will multiply and that is what you EXPERIENCE.

OK, how do you focus on LOVE?? I have heard this is challenge for some. It will take some efforts—patience—desire to grow yourselves if you all you EXPERIENCE is hate.

Do things by CHANCE or they happen by certain natural laws of universe??

I wonder about MAGIC BULLET for physical and mental healing and have heard that many people relate to it. You will need Patience—Determination—Faith before you may experience something like that.

You can truly have FUN and be PRODUCTIVE at the same time??

Having FUN and GROW (Personal development) at the same time was a struggle for me and I have heard many people relate to it. In this episode you will go deep “What is having FUN feel and looks like it?”

HOPE and faith makes the difference

Very important and useful emotions of HOPE and FAITH makes the difference between simply existing or living a life with PURPOSE.

We all our own JOURNEY. Do we want to Healthy or sick----Happy or miserable in our JOURNEY??

If Healthy and Happy is your answer then we sure can LEARN lessons from an individual who HEALED and GREW himself out the PATTERNS—CONDIONING he was born.

Do you wonder WHERE and HOW you start improving life??

Are facing mental—emotional or physical health challenges and at the same time you really want to work on your career—-financial goals???
I had a great conversation with really successful businessman and coach Jeffery Feldberg about all these topics and questions??? Listen to our conversation because it could help you find your OWN ANSWERS.


I never understand that how everything is connected and our mental and emotional health although in our hand (we create our destiny) but also connected to people, environment and the whole systems around us. I have heard that many people relate to this challenge and if you think and feel the same way then this stimulating conversation would definitely help you understand how are connected and why YOU MATTER and so does YOUR CONTRIBUTION.

Feeling STUCK and Un-comfortable

I was suffering physically, mentally and emotionally even when I was in personal growth journey for more than year. I heard from many people that they can relate to it. What helped me at that time was taking care of myself at physical level such as consuming healthy diet—walking etc. and it made me realize that it is better and faster to work on Body—Mind—Spiritual level. You will learn how to harmonize Body and Mind to move forward.

Feel instant BLISS and HAPPINESS

Do you want to LOL and feel BLISS and still learn how Law of attraction work with the BELIEFS we have??? Do you want to understand how HOPE or lack of HOPE makes all the difference in our lives?? Do you want live in the harmony with LAW OF ATTRACTION?? If you answer of any of these questions is “YES” then please join Walt Thiessen—Louis de Souza—-Anne-Marie young and guest Amir Siddiqui for relaxing yet deep conversation.

Wellness Radio with Dr Jeanette Gallagher

If you are looking for Deep conversation about health, joy, bliss and life challenges, then invest your time as Amir Siddiqui is having conversation with Dr Jeanette Gallagher. We asked “How could we nourish body—Mind—-Soul and how could we honor the path we are in even we are stuck???

An evening with Joe Dimino “Host of Neon Jazz”

Join us for stimulating conversation about life challenges, what failures mean, and impact of Covid-19 and how to move towards achieving goals.

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